Reception Playlist: 07/07/07

Compiled by ESP

NOTE: These were the tracks I had prepared for use at the reception. Not all of them were played (I estimate maybe 60% received actual airtime); many were not played in their entirety; and the order was spontaneously rearranged at will.

Over And Over 2:21 Morcheeba

Born Slippy (TGFD Mix) 5:54 Underworld Meets INS

Everybody Everybody 0:22 HomestarRunner

Mack the Knife 3:31 Louis Armstrong

Take on Me (Ska Cover) 2:46

Voodoo People (Chemical Brothers Remix) 5:56 The Prodigy

Copacabana 5:47 Barry Manilow

This Is Why I'm Hot 4:18 Mims

Human Behaviour 4:10 Bjrk

Tradition (Intifada Mix) 3:50 The Indefatigable Neural System

Pump up the Volume 4:02 M/A/R/R/S

Doctor Who 5:30 Orbital

Son Of A Preacher Man 2:28 Dusty Springfield

I'm Just A Lucky So And So 3:11 Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington

Our Way To Fall 4:18 Yo La Tengo

Jenifa Taught Me (Derwin's Revenge) 3:25 De La Soul

I Want To Be Loved By You 2:45 Sinéad O'Connor

Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) 7:04 Bruce Springsteen

You Speak My Language 3:26 Morphine

Jam On It 5:19 Mos Def

Istanbul (Not Constantinople) 2:38 They Might Be Giants

Minimum Wage 0:47 They Might Be Giants

I'm in the Mood for Love 3:10 Louis Armstrong

Something About Us 3:50 Daft Punk

It'll Be Ok (Ft. Fourteen Corners) 4:06 Dirty Diggers

Standing Here 5:09 The Stone Roses

Trogday 0:56 Strong Bad

Sure Shot 3:19 The Beastie Boys

Scenario 4:09 A Tribe Called Quest

Song to the Siren 3:16 The Chemical Brothers

Three Little Birdies Down Beats 5:38 The Chemical Brothers

Make It Funky (Pt. 1) 3:15 James Brown

Funky Fiddle 3:27 Julia McConaughey

Cannonball 3:33 The Breeders

Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think) 3:38 The Specials

Drop The Hate 5:30 Fatboy Slim

You Can Have It All 4:36 Yo La Tengo

Alright 4 2Nite 0:29 Strong Bad

All Night Long 5:29 D'Cruze - Cruzin'

Uhhh 1:30 The Lemonheads

HBFS Remix 3:40 The Indefatigable Neural System

I'm Sticking With You 2:26 The Velvet Underground

Breathe 4:42 Telepopmusik

Two G's 3:07 Turntablerocker

It Takes Two 5:00 Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock

Rockit 5:28 Herbie Hancock

The System is Down 0:45 Strong Bad

Funny Little Frog 3:08 Belle & Sebastian

Where Is My Mind 3:46 Pixies

Que sera 2:44 Wax Tailor

You're Beautiful To-Night, My Dear 3:07 Bing Crosby

Lie Low 4:40 Laika

A Little Funk 3:50 Turntablerocker

Worst Remix EVER 1:31 Danny Elfman (INS Remix)

Hazy Shade Of Criminal 4:54 Public Enemy

Madazulu 3:24 Deep Forest

Autumn In New York 5:59 Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

Love Sweet Love 3:59 Morcheeba

Blue Velvet 2:48 Bobby Vinton

Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be?) 3:18 Billie Holiday

Robot Rock 4:47 Daft Punk

Diesel Power 4:17 The Prodigy

Proper Education 3:19 Eric Prydz Vs Floyd

Nutrition 4:06 Black Elephant

Its A Sin 5:00 Pet Shop Boys

Busy Child 7:24 The Crystal Method

Get Down, Get Funky 3:30 The Indefatigable Neural System

It Won't Last Feat. Othello, Pigeon John 3:49 Braille

House Party At Arkham Asylum 4:59 The Great Luke Ski

Electric Avenue 3:51 Electric Avenue

Living For The Future (Edit) 3:58 Omni Trio

Satan (Industrial Mix) 3:41 Orbital

Ch-Check It Out 3:12 Beastie Boys

Run's House 3:46 Run-D.M.C.

Christiansands 3:52 Tricky

Ribbons 5:28 The Sisters of Mercy

Little Fluffy Clouds (Seven Inch Mk 1) 4:04 The Orb

The Geddup Noise (INS Remix) 3:38 Teh Cheat vs. The INS

Earth People 4:58 Dr. Octagon

A Number Of Microphones 0:45 Propellerheads

I'm On The Mic 4:05 KRS-One

Letterbox 1:25 They Might Be Giants

Stakes Intro (Edit) 2:00 De La Soul

New Jack Biddie Ft. Jaymania & Jungle Mike 3:38 Cool Calm Pete

Chemical Beats (Dave Clarke Remix) 5:04 The Chemical Brothers

One More Time 6:10 Daft Punk

Michael Jackson 5:49 Fatboy Slim

Afro Ride 4:25 Leftfield

Crank It Up 4:08 Scooter

I Love Baby Cheesy 6:34 Banco De Gaia

Busterismology 5:02 The Coup

Poison 6:42 The Prodigy

Voodoo (Feat. Rbx & Quazedelic) 4:25 X-Clan

Renegades 3:46 Capital D

We Have Explosive (Radio Edit) 3:27 The Future Sound Of London

Come With Us 4:57 The Chemical Brothers

The Light 4:21 Common

Everytime We Say Goodbye 5:45 John Coltrane

Road Movie To Berlin 2:22 They Might Be Giants

Until Death (Us Do Part) 4:32 Front 242

Music: Response 5:20 The Chemical Brothers

Keep Hope Alive 6:12 The Crystal Method

Rippin' 3:54 Sir Mix-A-Lot

Pimps 5:05 The Coup

Everybody to the Limit 1:44 Strong Bad

Let It Drop (New Style Remix) 3:57 Ka-Boom Box (INS Remix)

Mafich Arabi (Edit 02) 4:18 Banco De Gaia

Peter Piper 3:22 Run-D.M.C.

Definition 3:26 Mos Def & Talib Kweli

Potholes In My Lawn 3:50 De La Soul

Yo Baby 3:53 Turntablerocker

Bring That Beat Back 4:17 Public Enemy

Rock The Nation 4:26 Michael Franti & Spearhead

Star 69 5:43 Fatboy Slim

Blazing Arrow 2:40 Blackalicious

Musique 6:51 Daft Punk

Tugboat Captain (live) 4:03 The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy

T.V. Party 3:52 Black Flag

Don't Ask Why 4:03 My Bloody Valentine

Touch The Ceiling 3:54 Ahmad

Hit 3:57 Sugarcubes

Space Tech Banana Clip 3:42 Babbletron

Shoplifters Of The World Unite 2:57 The Smiths

Ride The Fence 3:43 The Coup

Tom Boy 4:21 Bettie Serveert

Mistadobalina 4:18 Del Tha Funkee Homosapien

My Finest Hour 3:59 The Sundays

DBC Let The Music Play 4:17 Stetsasonic

Moonage Daydream (Live) 4:37 David Bowie

Canyonero 1:19 The Simpsons

Gild / Don't Think Twice/All I Really Want To Do 3:34 Gild

Firestarter 4:40 The Prodigy

The War Is Over 4:24 Phil Ochs

Tru3 Magic 2:51 Mos Def

Love Will Tear Us Apart 3:25 Joy Division

You're Beautiful To-Night, My Dear 3:07 Bing Crosby