Didactic SynCast #95: Castrating Pigs on a Urine Comet

I know sometimes it seems like this blog is just a list of recent SynCast episodes, but .. well, I can’t think of a way to finish that sentence. I should write more here, but I guess I feel like I need something special when it’s time to write. Also I’m mad busy! Deal with it.

Anyway, in this episode I reflect on Ferguson, the US midterm elections, the TPP trade agreement, and (of course) fracking. Enjoy!

DS#95: Castrating Pigs on a Urine Comet

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Hip-Hop: Dem Atlas

Didactic SynCast #94: Fracking for the Cure

You asked for it — you got it. Over an hour of news and commentary on everything from Nobel Peace Prizes to rats trading on Wall Street. Listen up and enjoy!

DS#94: Fracking for the Cure

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The Didactic Interview: Adam Sherburne

For decades I’ve been a fan of the industrial music group Consoldiated. Their energetic music and political lyrics lit a fire in me at an early age, and I’ve benefited tremendously from their work.

Today I had the honor to spend an hour talking with Adam Sherburne, former front man of Consolidated and coordinator of a group in Portland called Free Music. We discussed music, capitalism, white supremacy, and a dozen other topics. Check it out.

DS Interview: Adam Sherburne

(I forgot to drop the level of my mic before recording, so the audio is a bit crummy. Apologies all around.)

I should have a full SynCast up before too long. Thanks for listening!

John Oliver on Ferguson

Comedy News vet John Oliver does a superb job breaking down the insanity in Ferguson.

Eyewitness Report of the Murder of Michael Brown

USA TodayWitness to Michael Brown shooting comes forward

Dorian Johnson said he was standing inches from Brown when the shooting occurred around 1:40 p.m. Saturday. [...] ”The officer is approaching us and as he pulled up on the side of us, he didn’t say freeze, halt or anything like we were committing a crime. He said, ‘Get the F on the sidewalk.’”

After Johnson said the officer thrust open the door of his patrol car, hitting the pair, Johnson said the officer grabbed Brown around the neck and tried to pull him through the window. He said Brown never tried to reach for the officer’s weapon.

According to Johnson, the officer pursued Brown and fired another shot. which struck Brown in the back. He said Brown turned and faced the officer with his hands raised.

My friend started to tell the officer that he was unarmed and that he could stop shooting (him),” Johnson said. “Before he could get his second sentence out, the officer fired several more shots into his head and chest area. He fell dramatically into the fatal position. I did not hear once he yell freeze, stop or halt. it was just horrible to watch.”