Teacher Fired over Bumper Sticker

Subersive. Dangerous. Insubordinate.

A teacher in Surprise, Arizona was apparently fired for having a controversial bumper sticker on her car.

But this English teacher found herself in the principal’s office after she said some parents at Imagine Prep High School in Surprise started complaining about a bumper sticker on Ausburn’s car that asks, “Have you drugged your kid today?”

“It’s kind of a criticism of us tending to over-medicate hyperactive kids who might not need those medications,” said Ausburn, who said she has been a teacher for seven years. Ausburn said she did not share her opinion in class, but that school officials fired her for refusing to remove the bumper sticker.

So there ya go. Indisputable proof that there really is a city in Arizona called “Surprise”.

Asian Dub Foundation: History of Now

For some reason, I’ve never gotten into Asian Dub Foundation. But I’m very keen to check out their new album History of Now, given the excellent title track. Someone unknown to the band took it and made a superb montage of the middle-east protests. Play loud!

As sick as I got of it, Jesus Jones’ song “Right Here, Right Now” was our soundtrack for the 1990s post-Soviet revolution in eastern Europe. (Though it wasn’t their best song ever.) ADF’s “History of Now” is the new “Right Here, Right Now”.

Income Inequality Made Easy

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Thanks to MotherJones for creating this helpful series of charts representing the vast wealth inequality in the United States. The money’s there, Mr. Walker! You just need to demand it from those who have it.

Reflections on the Past Week

It’s hard to believe it’s only been a week. What a crazy time this is!

Thanks to my New College buddy Matt Thompson, who invited me to write about the protests, Scott Walker, and related matters over at Savage Minds, an anthropology blog. I feel like I’m always studying humans, but I’m not sure how my ramblings fit their mission statement. Still, it’s quite an honor to write for such a thing.

This is certainly the longest and most comprehensive piece I’ve written about all this stuff. Here’s the first paragraph:

I wanted to join Scott Walker for his Fireside Chat on Tuesday evening. (Transcript here.) I was ready for some exciting debate, especially since the riots and chaos I had been promised by FoxNews were either exaggerations or (though I find it hard to believe, coming from such a reputable news organization) total lies. Alas, I was not allowed anywhere near Mr. Walker’s fireplace.

The past couple of weeks have been exhausting.

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Stop! I’ve Got a Giant Fork!

It’s not a plastic fist filled with ping-pong balls and baby rattles, but it’s close! Some guy impersonated a cop by waving a large barbecue fork in the air.

Police in Pompano Beach say Howard Schultz, 69, forced a driver to pull over on Feb. 21 while waving a 10-inch barbecue fork, NBCMiami.com reports.

“You need to pull over. I’m a police officer,” Schultz allegedly told one motorist, whom he actually convinced to stop.