My Students Are Jerks

via Google Images. Not actually my students.

I don’t think I’ve been communicating very well with my students these days. It’s the end of the year, and I guess if I haven’t made myself clear by now, there’s little or no hope.

I’m trying to give up here, people! I’m doing everything I can to convince myself that the students aren’t listening, and there’s no reason to give comprehensive feedback or be energetic in class, or show compassion for the kids.

So how am I supposed to do that, when I have a student who writes THIS in a card and hands it to me?

Mr. P,

Thank you so much for an unbelievable semester. I have never enjoyed [a teacher] as much as you, especially someone who takes no interest in sports. You are without a doubt the smartest guy I’ve ever been associated with and also the best teacher. […]

I’ve never seen anyone so passionate about what they do and I respect you so much for that. […] I get mad when I hear people making fun of you or talking about you in a negative way because they must not understand what a great teacher is. […]

Thanks again for taking pride in your work when there is an endless amount of people who don’t.

I mean, seriously! And then, when I was grading the final exams for Creative Writing, someone else wrote this:

This teacher never had a day where he didn’t give 100% at enthusiasm on the job. […] I plan on taking this teacher’s lessons and applying them to my life, for the rest of my life! […] There need to be more teachers like you around school. […] I want you to know that you have honestly, truly changed the way I think about things I see or do in my day to day activities.

Your unique imagination and perspective has opened up doors inside my head I would never have thought of before taking your class.

So I guess I’ll turn down this offer from Goldman Sachs and keep teaching instead. So long, financial security! I blame the students.



“Welcome to the Jungle” on 2 cellos. Exactly what it sounds like.

Today I’m listening to: Brother Ali!

The kid at 1:19 is the best thing ever created on the Earth.