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Connect to the stream

This blog is where I post stuff I’ve thought about with some depth, things I try to connect thematically, and/or items I want to expand on somehow. But I come across lots of other stuff too, which I usually share on Facebook (or, if it somehow didn’t come from there, Reddit).

But Facebook stuff is hard to search through, and lately I’ve found myself really hoping to find something cool that I posted last year. Thus, I’ve started a Tumblr (which is quick and easy for posting, which this blog — for all its awesomeness, and for all of WordPress’s excellence — is not), which I have linked into my Facebook and Twitter profiles. So it will all stream through the Tumblr and into those outlets.

You are hereby invited to visit this new thing of mine, which will collect the shallow ebb and flow of online consciousness, memery, and lolz. Bookmark and/or add an RSS feed today!

JaySmooth: Racism Discussions, Part Two

Here’s Jay Smooth from, with an excellent follow-up to his classic video about How to Tell People They Sound Racist.

RIP Heavy D

Just found out that another hip-hop legend has passed. I was never a huge Heavy D fan, but the man had skills. Loved his verse on “Self Destruction”.

Here’s my favorite track of his, “We Got Our Own Thang”.

Big Brother Rocks

On Tuesday of this week I left school with a wicked headache. I shan’t bore you with the reasons why, but I was desperately looking forward to a little nap before my appointment with the optometrist.

Imagine my anger and annoyance when, as I attempted to merge onto WI-30 (using an entrance ramp on which the construction workers appear to shift the barrels around daily, as a way to tease motorists and try to kill me), my left-front tire caught a flat. whap whap whap went the floppy rubber, and I pulled over.

I got out my little hand-powered jack and began lifting the car, at a very very slow pace. I nearly had it up enough to move the wheel when an enormous flatbed tow-truck (see picture) pulled up behind me. The following exchange then took place:

Truck Guy: Stop. You can stop with that crappy little jack.

Me: Huh?

Truck Guy: You’re being filmed right now. That’s why I’m here.

Me: Excuse me?

Truck Guy: I’m from the Wisconsin DOT’s Freeway Service Team. There’s a camera in that sign (points) and they sent me to assist you.

Ten minutes later he used his pneumatic jack and hi-power lugnut tool to slap on my spare tire and I was on my way. It was a totally awesome experience watching my tax dollars help me out when I actually needed it. How cool!

Now I love Big Brother. More cameras in the street signs, please!

And maybe don’t refer to the handheld jack that I’ve been sweating over for ten minutes “crappy”? I mean, I know it is, especially compared to your fancy thing that my tax dollars bought for you, but I had a hard freaking day, aiight?


Watch Chinny’s breakdown of the new GTA V trailer. Good stuff!

Today I’m listening to: Lotus! (I just discovered they’re playing in Madison tonight, but $27 for a ticket? What. Ever!)