Road Trip 2012

Our Road Trip 2012 Epic Adventure Film is finally done. Enjoy!


Lynn and Mitch

Found a cool 10-minute documentary about Mitch Hedberg today, featuring his lady love Lynn Shawcroft.

How Cool Is That

I thought I was just buying a cheap book online. This bookmark came with my order:

Hurray for cool online progressive businesses!

We Are Better Than This

Colbert did a superb interview recently with the President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Dan Gross. Check it.

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Dan Gross
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Didactic SynCast #69: Algorithmic Terrorism

Back from the road trip and filled with invective! We got some good stuff this week; have a listen.

DS #69: Algorithmic Terrorism

Top 3 Links of the Week

Current Events



Killer Robots, Etc


Jean Grae & 9th Wonder: “Don’t Rush Me”

Jean also did a song called “Taco Day” and it is deep. I don’t think this is an official video, but it’s very well done and obviously accompanies the lyrics perfectly. (Odd Future fans should note how she doesn’t simply begin and end with “I’m crazy and therefore I kill people” but rather works in some coherent sociology along the way.)