Mmmm, Pint Glasses

Thanks to my awesome brother Mark and his special lady Janeen; my buddy Steve; and Westfield Comics (which just recently opened a new branch on Willy Street), I now own the three coolest pint glasses ever made. (Click for the full-sized version.)

Special thanks to my awesome special lady Diane, for linking us to Carolyn Hax, who posted a fantastic story from one of her readers this weekend.

When my youngest son, Ethan, was about 4, we were invited to swim in a neighbor’s pool with their family. Also invited was a young man who had lost one of his legs in a motorcycle accident. Ethan watched the young man unstrap his leg at the edge of the pool, and then quietly approached him. Ethan whispered, “Are you a transformer?” The young man nodded and replied, “Yes, I am. I’m an Autobot.” Ethan was stunned. The young man slid into the water and as he performed his physical therapy my son followed in an inner tube. For more than an hour this man spun the most outrageous tales of his exploits as a transformer for one awed little boy. Before he left he told me it was one of the best days since his accident.

Freaking awesome.


I have a new favorite economist: Mark Blyth. He’s on the most recent To The Best of Our Knowledge.

I also just learned about a new documentary film (which I cannot wait to see) called The Flaw.

Today I’m listening to: TTBOOK!

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