I Was Right!

When I was a wee cub reporter and pundit for Cat Tracks, the official newspaper of Buchholz High School, I wrote frequently about controversial current events. I used to love stirring up the static and getting people to think about uncomfortable political topics. (Obviously very little has changed.)

In a column about abortion, I quoted a statistic I  had read somewhere that one woman died every three minutes from illegal back alley abortions. It ran in the paper, and one particularly cranky anti-abortion group in Gainesville got very angry about this statistic. They pointed out that the Guttmacher Institute didn’t offer numbers anywhere near what I had reported during the years of abortion prohibition in the US. They demanded a retraction and even suggested that there might be legal consequences for the paper, for me, and for the school.

This was a big deal. The newspaper adviser, the fantastic Ms. Joan Maples, gave me hot holy hell (as I suppose she should have) for not having a reliable source. I tried to remember where I had read it, and called the local Planned Parenthood for help, but they didn’t have any idea what I was talking about. Nothing ever came of the complainant’s threats, but needless to say it left a stain of dishonor on my journalistic name.

Well, guess what? I was right! Worldwide, illegal abortions do cause one woman to die every three minutes. Feminist Majority Foundation president Eleanor Smeal said so in 2004:

“What the United States does impacts not only American women but all women worldwide,” said Smeal. “One woman dies every three minutes from botched illegal abortions.”

Hooray! I’m vindicated! In your face, cranky anti-abortion jerks.


I’m a little sick of dubstep, but this video really made me smile. It’s from Mike Diva, the same guy who hosted the Sexy Sax Man vid.

Today I’m listening to: Terence Blanchard!

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