The Best Hip-Hop Right Now

New York is played out these days. Forget the Westside. I’m sorry, Dirty South. The best hip-hop in the world right now is coming out of Britain. Check out this new video from Mystro:

My all-time favorite Brit hip-hopper is Braintax (here with Dubbledge, who is also sicker than SARS):

Check out Dubbledge’s Tell-A-Lie-Vision:

I got much love, too, for the Dirty Diggers. “Wannabes wanna be something they’re not / They copied a lot off of something that’s hot / But by the time they’ve changed their taste / It’s gone from wack to weak to waste”

Recently I found Lowkey, who’s got some important things to say about terrorism. (Also: Jeff Dunham sucks.)

And let’s not forget Klashnekoff. This beat is better than anything I’ve heard in three years of US hip-hop.

There’s good artists elsewhere too, but right now my eyes are locked on the UK. Gimme more!

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