The following is a screenshot from a new Washington Post / ABC News poll:

As you can see, a whopping 72% of Americans favor raising taxes on Americans making over $250,000 each year, as a way to reduce the deficit.

This is what we should do. The US is not broke, but Congress refuses to demand that wealthy Americans pay their fair share of the taxes so that we can provide medical care for the needy and elderly.

Note, too, that cuts to military spending are far more popular than Medicare or Medicaid cuts, even though the latter are being pursued rabidly by the Republicans at the behest of the Tea Party. (This is an example of where that movement’s claims to simple budget frugality fall down.)

Let’s get to calling and writing to our senators and representatives, people! Tax the rich and cut military spending. Do it now.


In celebration of Portal 2, here’s the classic “Still Alive” song.

Today I’m listening to: Tupac!

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