As many of you know, I have contributed to many Featured Articles on Wikipedia. The FA process is a long and arduous one; it takes months of work (usually) to get an article up to snuff.

I could say many things about the FA process. I’ve met some really awesome people through working on Wikipedia, and it’s a real egoboo to see my work adorned with a little bronze star (or front page placement).

More than anything, however, seeing an article with an FA star indicates to me that someone has tended to the article. Having been through the process many times myself, I know how much blood and sweat goes into every single Featured Article. I trust the information in FAs, not only because it’s been presumably vetted by other people (though obviously not necessarily experts in the field), but because I know that someone has spent weeks and weeks living the topic.

So consider this a public “Thank You” to everyone who has ever written — or contributed to — a Featured Article. And a public “You’re Welcome” to anyone who has benefited from one of mine. (Because, you know, people are so hungry for information about Balzac novels!)


Watch this. It’s four minutes of beautiful.

Today I’m listening to: Flight of the Conchords!

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