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So apparently former Texas Governor Rick Perry is running for President. The man is fascinating for many reasons, but the one I think most important to point out here is that he once suggested Texas might secede from the union.

That seems like kind of a big deal. Seems like one of the most important questions we should ask ourselves about a potential leader of the nation is: “Do you believe the nation should remain united as a nation?” Of course most of us would never ask this question because the answer in almost all cases is “Duh, yes!”

But it seems that Perry isn’t the only Republican candidate who feels this way. When Perry’s comments caused such a commotion in April 2009, Rom Paul said the following:

I’m receptive to the principle of secession. You should have the right to leave.

So, to review: Two Republican candidates for President of the United States think it’s okay is states want to leave the union. God Bless America! (Or at least God Bless those who wish to stick around and remain part of America. The rest of you — you know, whatever. Do your thing.)

UPDATE: I can’t support Rick Perry, but this ad makes a good case for Rick Parry.


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