Big Brother Rocks

On Tuesday of this week I left school with a wicked headache. I shan’t bore you with the reasons why, but I was desperately looking forward to a little nap before my appointment with the optometrist.

Imagine my anger and annoyance when, as I attempted to merge onto WI-30 (using an entrance ramp on which the construction workers appear to shift the barrels around daily, as a way to tease motorists and try to kill me), my left-front tire caught a flat. whap whap whap went the floppy rubber, and I pulled over.

I got out my little hand-powered jack and began lifting the car, at a very very slow pace. I nearly had it up enough to move the wheel when an enormous flatbed tow-truck (see picture) pulled up behind me. The following exchange then took place:

Truck Guy: Stop. You can stop with that crappy little jack.

Me: Huh?

Truck Guy: You’re being filmed right now. That’s why I’m here.

Me: Excuse me?

Truck Guy: I’m from the Wisconsin DOT’s Freeway Service Team. There’s a camera in that sign (points) and they sent me to assist you.

Ten minutes later he used his pneumatic jack and hi-power lugnut tool to slap on my spare tire and I was on my way. It was a totally awesome experience watching my tax dollars help me out when I actually needed it. How cool!

Now I love Big Brother. More cameras in the street signs, please!

And maybe don’t refer to the handheld jack that I’ve been sweating over for ten minutes “crappy”? I mean, I know it is, especially compared to your fancy thing that my tax dollars bought for you, but I had a hard freaking day, aiight?


Watch Chinny’s breakdown of the new GTA V trailer. Good stuff!

Today I’m listening to: Lotus! (I just discovered they’re playing in Madison tonight, but $27 for a ticket? What. Ever!)

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