Connect to the stream

This blog is where I post stuff I’ve thought about with some depth, things I try to connect thematically, and/or items I want to expand on somehow. But I come across lots of other stuff too, which I usually share on Facebook (or, if it somehow didn’t come from there, Reddit).

But Facebook stuff is hard to search through, and lately I’ve found myself really hoping to find something cool that I posted last year. Thus, I’ve started a Tumblr (which is quick and easy for posting, which this blog — for all its awesomeness, and for all of WordPress’s excellence — is not), which I have linked into my Facebook and Twitter profiles. So it will all stream through the Tumblr and into those outlets.

You are hereby invited to visit this new thing of mine, which will collect the shallow ebb and flow of online consciousness, memery, and lolz. Bookmark and/or add an RSS feed today!

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