Deviant SynCast #52: Resist Cynicism, Believe in the Transcendent!

The new show is (finally) up! Sorry for the delay — Diane’s on Spring Break this week, and for some reason I feel extra silly talking into a mic by myself.

(I don’t mind doing the VeteranGamers podcast when she’s around, but I’m very self-conscious when it’s just me and the mic.)

I start out with Kony, because everyone’s talking about it (and more than a few people are asking me about it). I have a lot more to say about it, so I keep it short — but I promise to write a post here about all of it soon. Thank you for your patience!

Please send feedback to esp (at) or leave comments here (or post in the new chatbox). Here are the links for this week:

Kony 2012

Iran and Weapons Inspections

Economics: High-Frequency Trading

Pop Culture, Killer Robots, etc.

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