Pretty cool, eh? There are more realistic resolutions here.

I have exactly one more week of vacation left. If I spend two hours each day grading some papers, I can still enjoy many, many hours of free time, and not be totally stressed out during the final weekend. Sweet!

But.. I’m nearly done with FarCry3. And I’m keen to try Endless Space. And The Last of Us is still calling my name. (And I’m paying for it, from GameFly.) Also Reddit is cool. And there’s a discussion happening about Barton Fink that I should check on. And there’s that book I’m writing. Those things are more important than my mental health this weekend.

Besides, Weekend Me is annoying and who cares about him anyway? He’s all “me me me”. What about all the goofing off I deserve to do now? Oh, it’s only two hours a day? Well, that’s two hours I could be working on some really important stuff, like video games.

And Now For Something Completely Different

We’ve been watching the Monty Python documentary Almost the Truth. It’s got some interesting stuff (apparently Cleese was a bit of a jerkface at times), and it’s just cool to get interviews with all of the surviving members about the whole affair. Plus it’s got interviews about Python’s influence with Eddie Izzard, Stephen Merchant, and other cool people (including, for some reason, some guy from Iron Maiden).

Here’s the trailer:

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