Get it? Because it’s a pair of synonyms for “home” and “alone”. I am blinding in my cleverness.

Diane has gone to visit her family for a few days, and I’m here taking care of the dog and chickens. I’ve got a mountain of papers to grade, and I’m going to try to get a podcast out as well. There’s a stereotype about guys being home alone, being atrocious slobs and wilding out (cf. The Simpsons, fig. 1).

I’m not really part of this trope. The one degree to which I conform to that model is staying up too late playing video games. (“Too late” = 11:30 PM.) Hedonism alert!

I’m sending off a couple of pieces to a literary journal for teachers. I’ve got a good feeling, but of course I had a decent feeling about the horror story too. Hopefully I’m developing a thicker skin. Who knows.

We spent last night with some friends at a fancy restaurant. It was fun (and delicious), and dinner ended around 9:00 PM, so Diane and I just said “Happy New Year Greenland” and called it a night around 10:00. I don’t much care for the ritualistic niceties of staying up until midnight just to clink glasses and drink bubbly. Besides, I woke up yesterday at 4:45 AM and forgot to take a nap, so being conscious until midnight would have been quite a chore.

Time to walk the dog!

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