Okay, no sweat. So I missed two days of blogging so far. I’m still at 50%. There’s not been much to report, but the reason I haven’t blogged is because it’s felt like an intrusion into my free time.

“What intrusion?” I hear you angrily interject. “You’ve got two damn weeks off!” True, but I’ve been grading papers for hours every day. Therefore, after my dog-walking and dishwashing duties, I feel like I can’t spare any time at all to blogging. Otherwise I’ll lose the time I need for important activities like browsing Reddit and reblogging stuff from Reddit and arguing with morons on Reddit.

I have also, of course, been playing video games. The free-to-play MMO Neverwinter has been absorbing lots of my time, but I’m really disappointed at how non-social it is. I’m part of a guild — which advertises itself as being large and social — but no one ever says anything. There are missions where you have to team up with other players, but no one ever talks in those either. I’ve been approaching it like a free ActionRPG, but there’s something odd about being in a world full of other people, watching them get stuff from a treasure chest, and then getting stuff out of the same chest yourself. It just feels fake and weird.

Alas, I’ve not been working on the new book much. After doing so much schoolwork, I just feel blah about writing more stuff. I guess I need to force it.


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