Random Thoughts from a Terrible Wednesday

  • It’s very difficult to grade papers in the midst of an existential crisis of despair.
  • I struggle with great pain to remain hopeful in a world so filled with people who ignore the pain of others, and blind themselves with certainty about Truth.
  • Ideology and cowardice make people do terrible things. All my life I have struggled to inspire people to transcend ideology and summon courage. Days like today (Betsy DeVos, fragile children, demons in my head) fill me with despair.
  • “the only true defeat is to be capable of playing a part in the world, and playing no part at all.” — Nelson Algren, Nonconformity (c. 1950) p. 50
  • Happy birthday to my brother Mark. I wish I could be more positive and upbeat on this happy day.
  • I am eternally grateful to my friends and family as they wait out yet another swing of the pendulum toward depressive. I’ll snap back to manic soon, I’m sure. Thanks for your patience.
  • Sometimes the most important thing you can do — and the most difficult — is nothing.
  • AP is correct on em dash spacing. Suck it, Chicago!
  • I keep finding stuff to inspire my students to write stories and create real characters and compose great poetry and I have no time to write except for tiny jabbers of tweet-length stuff like this.
  • “When one is peacefully at home, life seems ordinary, but as soon as one walks into the street and begins to observe, to question women, for instance, then life becomes terrible. The neighborhood of Patriarshi Prudy (a park and street in Moscow) looks quiet and peaceful, but in reality life there is hell.” — Anton Chekhov, Notebooks (Dude was tweeting back in 1901.)
  • Any teacher who feels that s/he is good enough should not be teaching.
  • It’s hard to be satisfied with a day’s work when you know it’s never good enough.
  • I’ve made some really cool presentations for classes over the years.
  • When I can’t even finish one stack of papers in a day of grading, I feel like a failure.
  • I heard some horrible news recently but I have no way of finding out if it’s truth or rumor.
  • Alan Watts is awesome.

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