Old Comics

When I first got a graphics tablet, I tried making a new comic called Disillusion Overload. They’re on the old Blogger site, so I’m just copying them over here. (I’m thinking of making some new ones and I wanna have these all in one place with the DO tag.)


Beats in the ‘Cloud

I put some INS beats on SoundCloud. Now you don’t have to deal with annoying MP3s. Make sure you spell my name right on the MacArthur Grant.

Didactic SynCast #104: Robots Love Trump

After a long wait, here is a new SynCast to kick off Summer 2017. Enjoy!

Top 3 Links

Current Events



Killer Robots, Etc


Didactic SynCast #103a and #103b: Two Great Interviews

Apparently I forgot to post the interview I did with my college friend Mala Ghoshal. So here it is.

Then today we’ve got the interview I did with my comrade from the struggle to free East Timor, Ben Terrall. Enjoy this too!

Didactic SynCast #103: Epidemic Levels of Elite White Collar Fraud

You asked for it, you got it — another rip-roarin’ hour of news and opinions. The resistance moves on!

(I’m not doing show notes today. I doubt anyone will miss ‘em. Just listen and get in touch.)