While reminding Facebook recently about a particularly awesome site, I used the phrase “one of the 10 best websites ever”. This got me to thinking: What are the ten best websites ever? Well, here they are.

(I thought about writing a big paragraph for each of these, but then I decided not to, since I’ve been copyediting all day, and I really want to play a video game before the day is done.)

  1. Wikipedia. You know why. Don’t believe the hype!
  2. Homestarrunner. Could you detect me to the nearest bus stamp?
  3. DemocracyNow. One hour of excellent news coverage every weekday. Free. No ads, no corporate BS.
  4. Google. Search, docs, maps, mail, images, video, etc etc. I’ve got to hand it to them: Whatever Google does, they do well.
  5. isolatr. Forget MySpace and Twitter and all that crap. isolatr is all you need. I can’t wait ’til they’re out of beta and I can set up my own isolatr page.
  6. pixlr. I only just found it recently, but it does most of the things I use Photoshop for, and it’s free, and it’s online, and it’s fast.
  7. Facebook. It’s not as bad as its illuminati iconography suggests.
  8. The Floating Brain of Eric S. Piotrowski. Dude!
  9. YouTube. Fair’s fair (again). Entire albums are up, movie trailers, and crazy German WoW kid.
  10. Metacritic. Reviews are one thing. Emergent properties of review clouds are where it’s really at.


A cool Lego movie about ideas. The main character totally looks like my late father. (Who was also totally awesome — Happy Father’s Day, dad!)

Today I’m listening to: Sun Rise Above! (You can download his latest album for free.)