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Disillusion Overload Reboot

Hey look I made a new thing.

Old Comics

When I first got a graphics tablet, I tried making a new comic called Disillusion Overload. They’re on the old Blogger site, so I’m just copying them over here. (I’m thinking of making some new ones and I wanna have these all in one place with the DO tag.)


Been There Drew That

Check out what The Hill‘s Kris Kitto is saying about the new Congress:

Boehner stands to become a prime target for those who make a living caricaturing and cartooning the nation’s politicians. The first challenge for those artists is to introduce the new House Speaker to a population that may not know him well. To do that, several political cartoonists say, they will rely on the few qualities that have already stood out: his Technicolor tan, perfect hair and free-flowing tears.

Uh.. Hello!? Tell me something I haven’t cartooned!


A nice little short story. Spread the word to help him find them.

Today I’m listening to: J5!

The New Congress

I’m not sure how this inspired the following comic, but it did.

Reference video #1:

Reference video #2:

Reference video #3:

Zen Bookmark

True story:

There’s a connection between the sleep deprivation and finding my favorite bookmark after four years — there has to be.

I wonder how much sense it makes for me to spend 4 hours drawing and coloring something like this, which probably gets read by 20 people at most, and very quickly. Oh well.. it’s an interesting story.

In About Four Seconds, A Teacher Will Begin to Speak

I have less than a week of summer vacation left. I’m rested and ready for a new school year, but I’m very comfortable right now in my Cocoon of Sloth. I’ve been playing lots of video games (Uncharted 2, Tiger Woods ’08) and working (slowly) on the biography of Balzac’s wife Eveline HaÅ„ska.

I was supposed to do the second draft of my novel this summer, but .. well, I didn’t. (I did about two and a half chapters, then got worn out and put it back in the filing cabinet.) I had a vision the other day of our house catching fire and how I would need to grab the folder with the first draft in it, since it’s the only copy I have. So that’s another important reason for me to work on it.

I’m really bad about sticking with projects like that — I’m actually amazed I finished the first draft. I’ll tell myself to work on something a little bit each day (I’ve done this several times with working out), and then I’ll do it for a week or two. Then one day I’ll be like “Ehhh, it’s not a big deal if I don’t do it today”, and then the next day I’m all “Yeah whatever.. Two days is okay — tomorrow I’ll go back.” And then it’s like “That thing I said I would do isn’t so important.” And so on.


Kirstin Schaal is funny. Perhaps you’ve seen her on The Daily Show or The Flight of the Conchords.

Today I’m listening to: Pink Floyd! (I got on a weird Pink kick last night — I went years without listening to them, and then suddenly I broke my neck importing all their albums into iTunes.)