Tag: electronic music

INS: the break down

I’ve been working on an album of breakbeats for a few years. And now it’s done! Enjoy.

Beats in the ‘Cloud

I put some INS beats on SoundCloud. Now you don’t have to deal with annoying MP3s. Make sure you spell my name right on the MacArthur Grant.

Lost Track

I have finished my latest piece of fiction, now available at Justified Textworks — Lost Track: A story of love, work, garbage, impermanence, chewing tobacco, and electronic music. The story is a PDF download (very small), and the page at JT has embedded videos for musical context.

As always, feedback is appreciated.

Asian Dub Foundation: History of Now

For some reason, I’ve never gotten into Asian Dub Foundation. But I’m very keen to check out their new album History of Now, given the excellent title track. Someone unknown to the band took it and made a superb montage of the middle-east protests. Play loud!

As sick as I got of it, Jesus Jones’ song “Right Here, Right Now” was our soundtrack for the 1990s post-Soviet revolution in eastern Europe. (Though it wasn’t their best song ever.) ADF’s “History of Now” is the new “Right Here, Right Now”.