Six years ago I wrote about how silly it was to blame Abu Ghraib on a few bad apples in the prison itself. And as the documentary film Standard Operating Procedure pointed out, the investigation was the coverup.

So how can we take the Israeli Defense Forces seriously when they complain that activists ferrying supplies to Gaza attacked with deck chairs and marbles (I swear to god I’m not making this up), and the IDF super-soldiers had no choice but to dive overboard into the water to escape?

This constant throwing up of hands and pleading of incapacity is always trotted out when the only possible alternative is an unconscionable lapse of human decency and/or adherence to standard laws of international engagement and/or warfare. I’m really sick of it, because I don’t buy it for a second — they can maintain an iron grip on occupied territories for forty years, seal up borders with a huge cement wall, prevent wounded people in ambulances from getting through checkpoints.. But when Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Maired Corrigan comes at you with medicine, WATCH OUT!

Obama told Netanyahu to “get the facts“. Not “stop killing people in supply convoys that aren’t attacking you”, but “get the facts”. Yeah, okay. Good work there, O. Now we know you’re a true US President. Never a bad word to Israel. Nice one.

The US, of course, stood up for Israel and backed the passage of a meek UN condemnation of the “acts” that took place. The Security Council also called for “a credible and transparent investigation” blah blah blah. Yeah, let’s spend another six months creating another comprehensive report documenting all the things Israel and its enemies did wrong, which Israel can also ignore.

This whole thing makes me sick, and most of the people I talked to today had no idea what I was talking about, or why I was so mad. So I’m going to go play video games, where I can pretend like things are getting better.


This prank from German TV is pretty funny. I think I originally saw it over at Madsimian.

Today I’m listening to: Braintax!