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Dress Like Mr. P Day

I have the best colleagues ever. Today they made it “Dress Like Mr. P Day”. How awesome.

Misleading Movie Descriptions

Perhaps you’ve seen the great description of The Wizard of Oz on the right there. Reddit recently asked for more like it, so I wrote a few. How many can you identify?

1. A young man gets in trouble with the law when he meets a group of bald miscreants who feed him drugs and porridge. They cruise around abandoned tunnels while fiddling with pay phones.

2. A trio of corporate criminals is narrowly rescued from prison when a deranged arsonist reacts violently to the confiscation of a small machine.

3. A brutal gang of high-school bullies attacks the younger boys, then wastes hours with alcohol and drugs, unwilling to appreciate the good intentions of their athletics coach. Meanwhile, their female friends engage in ritual humiliation of teenage girls.

4. An innovative technology company tries to revitalize the local police department with a range of scientific breakthroughs. They are partially successful, but a skirmish for corporate governance complicates matters.

5. A murderer coerces a young woman to drive him around Europe, nearly causing the death of her and her stepbrother as he tries to recover from an amnesiac episode.

6. A naive small-town lawyer defends a man who is convicted of rape, then finds his children mixed up in the violence of revenge and the mysterious actions of a mentally ill recluse.

7. A boy tries desperately to acquire a firearm while his friends dare each other to mutilate their tongues and his father obsesses over a woman’s disembodied leg.

8. An eccentric psychiatrist with a refined palette befriends a timid government employee.

9. A construction worker meets some unusual new friends when he takes a vacation to a faraway land and helps restore an ancient monument created by the locals.

10. A troubled war vet summons the courage to rescue a group of strangers when food poisoning incapacitates the men in charge of their journey.

11. A mid-level manager at a large company goes through some unexpected changes when a routine rezoning activity goes slightly awry. He meets a new friend but finds himself alienated from his wife.

12. A disfigured malcontent brainwashes a young woman and convinces her to dress up as a schoolgirl in order to help murder a priest.

13. A headstrong rich girl finds an unlikely friend in a middle-aged detective who pursues her after she steals a valuable weapon. Meanwhile, her gang-member boyfriend pursues her while the detective struggles with his attraction to a childhood friend.

14. An impoverished freelance detective finds purpose in life when he attempts to find a kidnapped woman, aided by a war vet driven by his religious faith, a friend who loves The Beatles, and an artist who shows him adult films.

15. A hardworking entrepreneur copes with an accident that leaves his son disabled, and forms an unlikely bond with a local preacher. He attends the preacher’s church, then invites him to the bowling alley for milkshakes.

Tiny Elephant

Because Tumblr sucks right now for some reason..

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RIP isolatr

A few years back I stumbled upon a new social media website called isolatr. It was fun and new and fresh. Alas — as I mentioned on this week’s SynCast — some fitness company swiped the URL, according to SeanBonner, the guy who created it.

Fortunately, I found some screencaps recently. I’m posting them here so you can get a taste of what it was like. Thanks, Sean, for the memories. Please set up a mirror! (Danger: Bad words!)

Lynn and Mitch

Found a cool 10-minute documentary about Mitch Hedberg today, featuring his lady love Lynn Shawcroft.