Didactic SynCast #73: Hooters and the Pendulum

This blog is not going to become just a dumping ground for the podcast, I promise! I just haven’t had much time to post stuff here. Start of school be crazy, yo. (In case you’re not subscribed, I update the SynaStream daily, usually more than once a day. So check that.)

Anyway, this week’s show is all about Hooters (the restaurant), a pendulum named Elizabeth Warren, union thugs in Chicago, morons making movies as well as morons murdering because of movies, and robots making noodles. Enjoy!

DS #73: Hooters and the Pendulum

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Killer Robots, Etc


  • Parappa the Rapper: Bathroom Rap Battle

Didactic SynCast #67: Old People Are Not Buildings! (And Nipples and Houseplants Are NOT Rational!)

It took a little while — and we got a crazy title, no doubt — but the new show is finally here! And looky here: It’s less than an hour long! Gasp! Anyway, enjoy.

DS #67: Old People Are Not Buildings! (And Nipples and Houseplants Are NOT Rational!)

Top 3 Links of the Week

Current Events



Killer Robots, Etc


Eric B & Rakim: “Lyrics of Fury”

McCarthy and the Coens

You are hereby ordered to read the conversation between author Cormac McCarthy and filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen published by Time in 2007, when the Coens made a film adaptation of McCarthy’s novel No Country for Old Men.

My favorite bit is about the scene where Josh Brolin is chased by the dog.

J.C. It was a scary dog. It wasn’t a movie dog.

C.M. It was basically trained to kill people.

J.C. It was basically trained to kill people.

E.C. The trainer had this little neon-orange toy that he would show to the dog, and the dog would start slavering and get unbelievably agitated and would do anything to get the toy. So the dog would be restrained, and Josh, before each take, would show the dog that he had the toy, he’d put it in his pants and jump into the river …

Put This in Your Earpiece, Aaron!

Because I love the movie Primer so very much — and because we’re about to finish it in my Creative Writing class — I decided it was finally time to record an audio commentary, like I did for Barton Fink.

I’ve thought about doing a Flash™ (or video) presentation about Primer like the one I made for Fink, but for whatever reason, it hasn’t happened. (I think perhaps I enjoy the dramatic moment of explaining it to my class so much that I refuse to acquiesce to a video presentation taking my place there. Or maybe I’m just too busy grading papers and playing video games.)

Anyway, the Primer commentary is available on garrisonmedia.com. I think I say a few worthwhile things, so put it on an ipod or listen while you watch on your computer and lemme know what you think!


My Bike and the Big-Head

Sometimes I take arty pics of my bike. You know, like — whatever. You may recognize the context, although (obviously) my iPod video lens can’t take pictures as well as Amy’s .. whatever NASA-based top-of-the-line professional model she used.

This picture was taken during my first exercise in 2011 of a somewhat ridiculous ritual: Sometimes in the spring and summer and fall (especially when my students are reading — or, in today’s case, have just finished reading — the book), I will ride my bike down to Warner Park while listening to the Into the Wild soundtrack. It’s like, me and Alexander Supertramp, man. Kill the false beast within and successfully conclude the spiritual revolution!

Also, here are some silly pictures of Tito.


I just found this footage of someone walking around Fairbanks City Bus #142. I’m never bored by stuff related to Chris/Alex.

Today I’m listening to: Eddie Vedder!