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Didactic SynCast #63: Coded Language

Seems like the only thing I post here lately is the SynCast. Hopefully during the summer I’ll have more additional text and stuff to post. Anyway, enjoy this week’s show!

DS #63: Coded Language

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Saul Williams: Coded Language

Long Live King

The nuclear catastrophe in Japan is so depressing I can barely stand to check on it. So I was very happy to see (via DLF, the most super lady in the history of awesomeness) this story about Stephen King.

In a rally last week in Sarasota, Fla., supporting education, unions and veterans, the horror author and outspoken Democrat compared Maine Gov. Paul LePage, Florida’s Rick Scott and Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, all Republicans, to “Larry, Curly and Moe. That’s what we’ve got here.”

Mr. King, please write a book where they experience the same loving care that Paul Sheldon receives at the hands of his nurse Annie Wilkes.


DLF is such a super lady!

Today I’m listening to: Klashnikoff!

Wisconsin Teacher Heroes: Elizabeth Herfurth

Thanks to Doug Moe at the Wisconsin State Journal for his excellent piece of historical journalism about Elizabeth Herfurth, the pioneering teacher who fought for — and won — the pension system for teachers that is in jeopardy because of Scott Walker’s “budget repair” bill.

Largely due to Herfurth’s efforts, in 1909 the Legislature passed a bill setting up a retirement fund for state teachers. But Gov. James O. Davidson vetoed it. […]

“Teachers are losing heart,” Herfurth said, “and many are leaving schools for the more promising field of the business world and for other states where a retirement fund and better salaries have been provided.” […]

On June 10, 1911, the Legislature passed a slightly revised bill, and a new governor, Francis McGovern, signed it two days later.“He had asked Miss Herfurth to be present,” the State Journal noted, “and immediately after he had made the bill a law, Gov. McGovern presented Miss Herfurth with the pen with which he had signed it, saying that this was the state’s recognition to her for the constructive work she had been able to accomplish.” […]

The State Journal made the case that Herfurth literally gave her life to the cause. “Her health had been broken by the work,” the paper noted, “and she never recovered from the gradual breakdown that resulted.”

Thank you, Ms. Herfurth. We shall continue the struggle to which you gave your life.

Chad Vader on Fox News

Thanks to @Ahna Skop for this link! Not only do we have LOLz about the protests, but references to LOTR and Charlie Sheen, too! (I have no idea what the baby’s all about.)