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The Answer

We made it into the car and onto the road before the agents showed up. Seconds later, they were beside us, tearing steel against our ride.

Panicked, shaking, I opened the envelope. It said:

Go first.

Take four pearls from the row of six. When he responds, you'll be able to create a board of 5-4-1. When he responds the next time, you'll be able to make a board of 3-2-1. After the takes his pearl(s), you can make a board of 2-2.

You should be able to take it from there.
"Well?" Hakuin asked. Tera tore around a corner and swerved between three cars. Gunshots rang out all around us.

"I don't understand what it means," I said. Tera told us to hold on as we rocketed through a parking lot. Sparks flew as we careened over cement bumpers and banged into cars.

"Forget it," Hakuin said. "See that phone?" We were barrelling toward a pay phone booth.

"Yeah," I said.

"It's ringing," he said. "Use it to get out."

"What about this message?" I waved the paper.

"Remember as much as you can. I'll explain when we get out. Go."

With seconds to decide, I handed the paper to Ramb and opened the car door. Rolling, I grunted and tried to stop myself. As I glanced around, I saw three agents appear from nowhere and speed toward me. I leaped up and grabbed the phone.

Everything went black.

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