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Sunday, July 11, 2004

John, John, John, Johnny and Pizza 

ARRGGHHH! I get so MAD when I have a blog post all ready to go, and then I go to a site to get a link and my web browser crashes and I lose the whole freakin' post and I have to do it all over again. AAARRGGH!

John and John

Thanks for being my running mate, John. Now I'm going to chew your face off!

Write your own captions in the comments box! Best entry wins a prize! (TBA)


Check out this John Ashcroft press conference culture jam. It's one of the most technically well-made bits of video tweak I've ever seen. A superb riposte to the constant fearmongering of HalliBush Wars, Inc.


And speaking of things you need to fear: Thieves and terrorists are always looking for a good laptop to steal. But if you diguise yours as a pizza, you can "reduce the risk of getting it nicked." You never know when some laptop-nicking hooligan will swipe your laptop. First it's the dustbins, then it's the mobile phones, then it's the laptops.


Li'l Johnny's Aquarium Adventure, via ABS. Quite the twisted concept.

Today I'm listening to: Laika!