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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

News Flash: I'm Tired 

I did a Google Image search for "drained" and found this image at this Russian site. I like the combination, especially since I've been somewhat cavalier with my money lately.

Today was a good day at school; not because of anything in particular that happened, but rather because of the lack of trials. Yesterday I got into a funk because it was one of those days that tests my faith. (In a class of 26 students, I always focus on the three that aren't paying attention and proceed to demand of myself: What must I do to motivate them?)

Anyway, big thanks as always to DLF for her lifesaving love and support. Sometimes what I need most is someone to be there as I mope at dinner and sigh repeatedly into my water glass.

As for the money -- this full-time teaching thing brings with it not only more papers to grade but also more paper in my wallet! Huzzah! So I was able to get the new CD player (no more constant skipping, woo) and many new CDs to go with it. The new Orbital, for instance, is a lot like their last one -- not very coherent, with only a few tracks that stand out.

I also found Capital D, who is one of only two rap artists ever to qutoe from Chomsky. (Five bonus points to the first person to name the other.) In the track "Blowback" (I think), D says something about "keeping the rabble in line," which of course is the title of a book of Chomsky interviews.

Which brings us full circle -- one of my students pleased me immeasurably the other day by revealing that the book he was currently reading is Propaganda and the Public Mind. How cool is that?

Okay, I'm off to play some Go.


War is good, but it ends a bit abruptly. Tiny Plaid Ninjas is more satisfying. (Both via ABS)

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