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Saturday, November 10, 2007

I've Got Wood 

I needed a table. I went to Savers. I paid three dollars for a black table. I didn't like the nasty dark paint-chipping look. I went online and read about ways to remove paint.

I went to many stores, looking for paint remover. (My preferred store was closed, and this could not wait.) Finally I arrived at Menards, where a nice man showed me to the strippers. I bought a stripper, and a scraper tool, and some sponge brushes, and some wood stain, and some sealant (for a nail hole – unrelated to the table), and some vinyl gloves (men's gloves, the package assured me).

I came home and put the stripper on the table. I waited a little while, then started scraping. Scraped some more. Scrape scrape scrape. My hand ached and cramped. Still I scraped. The table surface was easy; the legs took much longer for some reason. Scrapeity scrape. No time for video games, I've got to finish this table. (Hey, that's a double entendre!)

As I neared the end of the stripper phase, I realized I wasn't using enough stripper. I started using more and didn't have to scrape so much. There's a lesson here, kids: Use more chemicals! Finally, all the ugly black paint was gone. (Well, actually, it was in powder form on the basement floor.)

Then I applied the stain. Brush brush. This part was very easy. It went on smooth, like a mountain stream. Then I let it dry overnight. The next morning it was still icky. After school it still wasn't done. Sticky sticky, every time I went down to check. I waited another night. Then I took an old towel and rubbed off the residual ickyness. Now I have a beautiful table for to hold my Wikipedia books. Hooray!

What's that? Did I forget to take a "before" picture? Did I just copy the "after" picture and select the table and slash the brightness? Of course not! Don't be ridiculous.


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